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Inseparable Assemblies

July 30, 2014

Time to spread some wisdom.

I know it was for demonstration purposes only, but I saw a seminar yesterday where piece parts were to be welded on, and they treated, dimensioned, and balooned as individual parts.  Not true.

What is an Inseparable Assembly?

Piece parts which are fabricated, and are permanently joined together (e.g., welded, brazed, riveted, bonded, etc.) to form an integral part not capable of being readily disassembled.

As such, it should be drafted, procured, stocked, and treated as a single unit, or piece.  It is no longer considered pieces.

When it is drafted, it should be treated as one, defining the end product.  It should be drafted as a whole, and not as separate pieces.

Please refer to ASME Y 14.24 for further definition, and examples.

If you have any drawings in the pipeline, please validate they’ve been done correctly, and per industry standards.  Thanks!

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