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I was a Afrin junkie … and how I kicked the habit

June 29, 2014

Have you ever wondered how people get hooked on something?  Yeah, me too …  until it happened to me.


First, the allergies kicked in.  Then, it got hot and dry.  And, the wind picked up.  Pretty soon, I couldn’t breathe … or talk very well.  No problem, a couple of days of Afrin, and I’ll be good as new, right?  WRONG!!

It’s surprising how addictive Afrin can become when you simply can’t breathe.  Sounds unbelievable, until it happens to you.

Then, after using it WAY past the recommended few days, I was hooked.  I want to get off of it, but I was hooked.  I couldn’t sleep without it; I was hooked.  Then, I had to start taking it morning and night just to breathe; yes, I was hooked.  I’m thinking, This is so wrong, so I had to take action.


When in doubt, Google it!  😉  I did find out that some folks have been on it for years, so I felt just a little better.  😉

Well, I could have just stopped, maybe seen a doctor, or got some meds, but I figured there had to be another way because those weren’t options for me.  One suggestion that made the most sense, was the single nose option:

Stop using the Afrin spray in one nostril while continue to use it in only one.  It actually worked!!  One week for one to clear, and then, the following week for the other.  So, while one is recovering, the other is still clear.  Sure, it’s not as good as both, but I was trying to kick the habit, remember?

This worked for me, so it might work for you?  I found out that when you can’t breathe, breathing is the best feeling in the world.

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