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PowerPoint is just pure Evil

June 19, 2014

PowerPoint can be a useful communication tool, but some have really taken it, and made it … well, REALLY annoying.  Have you noticed?

My biggest issue is not with PowerPoint, but with the presenter(s).  If you must present, don’t read it.  There, I said it.  Nothing sets me off more than someone who (obviously doesn’t know the topic) and must read it … verbatim.  Grrr…

How about the fonts?  A few choices is awesome, but (what feels like) hundreds of choices?!?  Really??  Then, it’s not so much that PowerPoint offers it, but then someone has to use something so “out there” that you’re thinking:

What the hell is this?

How about small text size?  In an effort to stuff all of their great info, they use smaller than normal text height, and it starts to look like a blog with just a bunch of words.

How about “death by bullets?”  The presenter uses so many bullets that all of it must be important, right?

How about those annoying transition effects and the people that feel compelled to use a different one on every slide?  Wow!!  After awhile, I stop focusing on the topic, and more on … I wonder what will happen next?

I would like to suggest that you:

  • list the topics; talk to the topics
  • try to keep fonts and sizes readable and consistent
  • don’t use ALL of the bells and whistles; less is more

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

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