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Benefits of Reusable Engineering

October 5, 2011

What is reusable engineering you may be asking?  It’s really anything that has been done in the past that you can benefit from right here in the now by reusing it.  Whether it’s an existing design that will work “right out of the box,” or something that is somewhat similar where a lot of the thought process has already been covered for you, such as raw material selection, tolerancing structure, material finish, applicable specs, stress calcs, labor estimates, task scheduling, etc.  It can also be legacy knowledge that is acquired over time.

Be mindful to check with contract requirements.  Some contracts won’t allow for a design, or parts of the design, to be reused under another contract.

Design delivery time can be reduced by reusing design elements from previous projects, or from standard design libraries (part families) when available.  Examples of reusable engineering can be design elements like structural fuselage details, instrumentation rack & stack boxes, supplier’s standard designs (tooling) for equipment or materials, and particular systems, such as air compressors, hydraulics, among others.  Standard elements of a design can also be utilized several times within the same project.

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