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Promoting Yourself with Motivational Thoughts

September 10, 2011

I just attended Kristi Staab’s Promoting America Back to Work workshop.  I found it to be very inspiring, and motivational.  I also wanted to share just a few of the motivational “nuggets of wisdom” that was discussed, and shared during the workshop.  It helped me get my mojo back, and maybe it will help you as well.

Here is just a few of my favorites:

  • Life is a team sport.
  • Hope isn’t a strategy; Action is!
  • Always be thinking, What is the Opportunity in this?
  • In your efforts, Go towards the “positive” people; don’t let the “toxic” people keep you back.
  • Whether you want it to, or not, the Game is Always On!
  • Focus on what you want; not on what you don’t want.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of her events – you’ll be a better person because of it.

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  1. Socorro permalink
    September 10, 2011 2:12 pm

    I wish I had gone,too. Maybe next time.

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