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Why you need a great Business Card

August 8, 2011

When you meet someone for the first time, a great business card is a great way to exchange contact information, and a way for them to contact you in the future.  If everyone knows this, why don’t more people have them?  I’m not a sponsor of, but for the mere price of shipping, you can have a box of business cards too.  So, what’s stopping you?

Now, once you’re ready to get one, what goes into (onto) your card?  Here is some suggestions:

Use Color:

Have you ever gotten back from a networking event, and thrown your business cards on the table?  Which ones stand out more?  Of course, the colored ones do.

Black font on white business cards get lost in a stack.

List Your Website(s):

I met an Entrepeneur this past week who was just starting her business. I asked if she had a website (since it wasn’t on her card) and she said she was still working on it.

My recommendation: Add it to your card even before you go live.  Chances are, someone in the future, will be asking if I know any so-and-so’s.  I’ll find her card, and still not know her website address.

Add Your Social Networks:

As I continue to network, I connect with people across many different platforms. Some people have clear preferences.  If you are a job seeker, LinkedIn is a must. If you are in business, I’d add Facebook and Twitter.  As always though, tailor your efforts to your audience.

Have Traditional Contact Info:

Make sure people can get in touch with you with what might be considered the “old-fashioned” way.  I recommend a direct phone number, and email address.

List your Profession, and Industry:

I originally didn’t think this was important, but the other day I received one that just had a name, and some contact info.  Granted, too much info is bad, but so is too little.

Have a Logo, Tagline, or Branding Statement:

Most businesses, and yes, people should have a distinct logo.  If you do, use it.  If you don’t have one, make it happen.

I’ve seen great taglines on business cards from job seekers. Make your personal branding statement stick.  It is going to be more memorable than your name.

Don’t have Print on Both Sides:

Leave a blank side to a business card.  Reason:  So while we meet, or after, I can jot down some notes that will make you memorable, such as the date, the event, the location, the type of person you were, etc.

The only reason I can’t write an important note to myself on the card is the last feature…

Avoid a Glossy Finish:

Yes, glossy business cards look good, but they are near impossible to write on with a pen.  Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about the person getting the card.  Go with a matte finish every time.  Please.

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