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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

March 25, 2011
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Today marks my 70th blog post, which is just about a year old now.  I first would like to give kudos to Kirk Baumann for the inspiration for this blog.  It’s almost like a chain email that goes around from time to time.  I saw his blog  and thought, “What a great way to pass along some fun information.”

I thought long, and hard about what I was going to write about and realized something.  You probably don’t know me very well, and I’d like to change that.  I’d like to one day fix that, but in the meantime, thought it would be nice to share some fun facts about myself.  Some of the statements below will come as no surprise.  Others may leave you thinking something like, “He did WHAT??”  I’ve kept it light & fun, and hope you enjoy!

  1. My first job (other than mowing lawns) was as a delivery boy for the Detroit News.  I remember that I use to have on of the biggest routes in my neighborhood, and the Sunday delivery was the worst, especially on snowy days.
  2. I’ve visited just 3 countries (Mexico, Canada, Jamaica) over my life.  I guess with the U.S. being so vast with diversity, I don’t have a great desire to go too far.  🙂
  3. My hero is my mom.  Having 4 kids in 3 years would be tough on anyone.  To me, that’s heroic.
  4. In grade school throughout high school, I swam, biked, and ran.  Sure sounds like a triathlon is in order, huh?  Funny though, I’ve never had the opportunity to be in one.  During my days in the Marine Corps, we use to play racquetball, 5 days a week, for 2 hours a day.  Now-a-days, I love working out, and bodybuilding at the local gym.
  5. I’ve had a few pets along the way that included Freckles – a speckled mix of a male dog from summer camp, Lady – a female German Shepard with one floppy ear, Isabeau – a female black cat that currently lives on meds, Duncan – a male black cat that started out chunky but is now thinning out, Ramses – a male black cat that is king of the yard, and lastly OC – which stands for Orange Cat but it kind of stuck.
  6. I collected dinosaurs as a kid.  Love to put the models together, study them, and find out what they ate.
  7. I’m the eldest child in my family and was born in Detroit. We moved North to Royal Oak, which is about half way between Detroit and Pontiac, when I was in the 5th grade.
  8. I took a different route to gain my education.  While many of my classmates were looking at 4-year institutions, I chose to take a job, and take classes along the way, that interested me.  I always had a problem with taking classes that were mandated, but didn’t really interest me.  Early on, some teachers actually thought I had a learning disability.  I proved them wrong when they just gave me something of interest, or applicable.
  9. I love to think of solutions.  I’ve always had the knack for solving problems, and down-selecting bad choices.  I guess it’s easier to think of progress rather than dwelling on the issues that don’t get resolved.
  10. I love cooking shows.  Is that weird?  It all started with Emeril, with his flamboyant mannerisms.  He made cooking fun.  I typically eat every 2.5 hours so it’s just fuel for the tank, but if I had more time, it sure would be nice to have a personal chef to cook with.
  11. I once won a contest with the Detroit News.  I had to sell so many subscriptions in order to qualify for a trip to Washington D.C.  And, for a kid, that was something special to see the Smithsonian, the national monuments, and to tour the White House.
  12. I’m currently looking for my next Mechanical Design Engineering opportunity.  If you didn’t already know that, all you have to do is ask me.  Read my blog, my tweets @Aidan_Foley, or LinkedIn updates. I consider myself fortunate again to be looking for a wonderful organization that empowers their employees to better themselves, and improve on their processes, and products.

Here’s the moral of the story:  Life is an interesting adventure.  It’s a journey that you can learn from, becoming a better person.  Were you surprised by any of the things I shared above?  What’s an interesting fact or two about you?  Please feel free to add a comment below and let me know!  As always, thanks for reading.

Blog post credit:  Kirk Baumann

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