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Networking Dos and Don’ts

July 20, 2010

This morning, I had an email chat with a friend of mine about a Networking Agenda.  It sounded so simple, yet so complex.  It’s not something you want to memorize, but it’s something that could be a great reminder.  Here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts, and is by no means, an all-inclusive list:

  • Do mention your name, and what you do
  • Do mention where your passion, or interests are
  • Do cultivate people who can be helpful
  • Do associate with others that have a common interest
  • Do attend social gatherings
  • Do network with your Bosses, Coworkers, Customers, Shop Floor
  • Do develop a “brand” for marketing yourself, your product, or your service
  • Do “offer” advice
  • Do be yourself
  • Do be curious, and ask questions of others
  • Do give of yourself expecting nothing in return
  • Do be a professional
  • Do “fake it ’til you make it”
  • Do be creative when helping others
  • Do volunteer
  • Do reach out to a mentor
  • Do use a way to organize your efforts, such as spreadsheets, paper, word docs, etc
  • Do remember to thank everyone who has been helpful
  • Do stay involved with your network

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  • Don’t schmooze
  • Don’t appear to be “working the room”
  • Don’t just consider networking to be a simple business card exchange
  • Don’t be rude, boring, or uninteresting
  • Don’t be pushy
  • Don’t sell anything
  • Don’t lie, or over embellish
  • Don’t go anywhere without your business card
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

As I said before, this is not an all-inclusive list, but we would love to hear what else you think should be added?  Thanks!

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  1. Mary Sanders permalink
    July 21, 2010 11:45 pm

    Great tips. I am the officer of an association, can you provide this document in a PDF file that I could pass along to my membership?

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