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Gulf Oil Disaster is a repeat from 31 years ago!?!

June 17, 2010

   This is too incredible not to share!!!!  This Oil Spill is a repeat of an event (Deja Vu) in the Gulf 31 years ago this week on June 13, 1979!!!

Video:    (If you do nothing else for the rest of the day … Watch this video!!!)

Rachel Maddow, and MSNBC have gone back through the old oil spill videos, and found an almost exact duplicate of today’s gushing Oil Spill (AKA Disaster) that happened 31 years ago in the Gulf!!!! 

Everything that you have heard they are doing now to try to contain the oil spill today they tried back then!!!

This time they called it a “TOP HAT” (like trying to put a flower-pot over a garden hose to stop the flow) you’ll have a good laugh when you hear, and see what they called it back then !!!

Rachel reiterates that the bottom line point that in 31 years of their “technology” advancements, their Risk Management has not changed one bit!!!

They are no better today at resolving oil leaks than they were in 1979.  The “solutions” are the same … and they don’t work!!!!

The only thing that is different is that back then they were limited to a couple of hundred feet of water.  Today, we can drill for oil at 5,000 feet down, and we can drill deeper.  Today, we can (and have) increased the risk.  I think we can all agree on that?!?

We have to drill deeper, and at greater depths because the world is using up the oil at a rate of millions of barrels a day.  That part is true, but restrictions have also been place on where we can drill as well.  OIL is NOT a sustainable product.  It is ridiculous that the Radical Right says there is plenty of oil, and it is the Environmentalists preventing access.  There simply isn’t enough oil in the ground, and we need to go with a different technology.

Let’s think about SOLAR.  We orbit a STAR (our sun) that has an ongoing Nuclear Fusion reaction (which world scientists have yet to achieve) which puts out more energy every second than humans on this little planet can use in a 1,000 years.  Unlimited energy for free – imagine that?  🙂  Their “story” is that it is just too expensive.  Well, 1,000’s of coal miners have died, and 11 oil field workers have died, just this past April 20th, as well. 

  • What were those people’s lives worth? 
  • The oil, and gas make pollution are fueling this terrible rift between the people who can see smog, and those who deny it is manmade.  What is that worth? 
  • What is the air, and water pollution problem resolution going to cost? 
  • When they compare the cost of a coal-fired plant they only consider construction costs, and maintenance issues …. what about the costs of supplying the power plant with fossil fuel to burn?
  • What about the railroad, and trucks to transport that ore, or oil?
  • What about the pollution from burning that diesel in all those engines?
  • What about the diesel burned in digging the ore, or drilling for more oil?

If you add up ALL the costs, it is quite obvious that SOLAR is NOT actually “more Expensive” … what is more expensive is the faulty accounting of all the associated costs between the technologies.  And, who defines those costs?  Who makes up the words in the “story”?  I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that it’s probably accountants paid for by the rich oil, and coal people!!!! 

Nuclear power is not a viable solution; do you want nuclear waste stored in your backyard?  We have learned that nuclear fission is dirty, and makes radioactive waste which must be stored for 1,000’s of years.  Uh oh, mankind has only been cognizant enough to make documented civilizations for 10,000 years.  Now, here we are making deadly waste that must be stored into the future for about as long as human beings have been intelligent …. isn’t that a contradiction in terms???  I think so.  What do you think?

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