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SEO will Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

June 7, 2010

Some LinkedIn profiles (and personal web pages) fail to generate optimization because they are invisible to others that are doing the seeking.  Sounds obvious, but how do you go about making your presence more visible?  Increasing your online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will improve your job search, your business, your message, and / or yourself.  Have you ever looked up something on the internet?  Of course you have.  You may query on Google, Bing, or even LinkedIn to find a product, a service, or maybe even a person.  [tweetmeme source=”@Aidan_Foley” only_single=false]

Well, that’s exactly what someone is doing when they may be looking for you … or someone just like you.  You need to make sure that whatever makes you special is in your profile, or on your personal web page.  SEO can be, and should be used in your Summary section of your LinkedIn profile so people, or your network, or even those outside of your network, can find you “ahead of” someone else.  For example, if I was looking for a Recruiter, I might also be applying such keywords as HR, Human Resources, Generalist, Staffing Specialist, Talent Acquisition, HeadHunter, etc.  These extra descriptions need to be in your SEO section, so people can find you … or someone just like you.

Maybe some of you have wierd first names (or last names), like me – Aidan?  Throw that in the SEO section as well.  How many ways have you seen your name spelled wrong?  I’ve put in Aidan, Adian, Adrian, Alden, etc.  In doing so, even if someone spells my name wrong, I still come to the top of the list, or at least ahead of someone else.

Just as I have described for your position, and your name, you can apply the same logic to a number of other things, such as job descriptions, job duties, spelled out descriptions, as well as industry acronyms, etc.

By now you have probably come to grips with the fact that having a Web site is not enough.  Gone are the days that a sales person could launch a Web site, sit back, and wait for consumers to come.  (FYI, if you’re looking for work, you’re a sales person).  🙂  Today you need to be proactive about improving the visibility of your profile.

Recent surveys have found that nearly half of all online consumers use search engines to find products, people, or services.  Studies have also shown that most users do not click past the 1st page while searching.  Let me say that again, MOST USERS DO NOT CLICK PAST THE 1ST PAGE WHILE SEARCHING.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps you tap the massive amount of targeted traffic that search engines provide by positioning your offerings in the path of consumers.

SEM is the practice of utilizing search engines, and directories as a medium for promoting yourself, your product, your service, and /or your message.  Without Search Engine Marketing, your Web site, or profile is almost invisible to potential customers.  Search Engine Marketing provides 2 solutions: paid placement, and SEO.  A more strategic approach is SEO, the art, and science of positioning a Web profile at the top of search engine results pages, through a set of safe practices, proven principles, research, and analysis.  SEO is a long-term strategy, and is the next step in the development of your profile.

LinkedIn is growing, and currently at 65+ million profiles.  If your profile is not optimized properly, search engines will ignore large sections of your profile, making it impossible for networkers to find you.

Whether you offer a service, a product, or yourself, investing your time in a SEO upgrade is the key to ensuring your site is indexed as highly as possible by the keyword searches, and ranks well in favor of your long-term success.

I hope this article helped you.  Let me know what you think.

Aidan Foley

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  1. June 8, 2010 5:00 pm

    Nice blog, Aidan! I will include some of your tips into my online presence. Thanks!

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