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My Winning Recipe for Team Performance

June 6, 2010

   All great winners think alike, and so do great leaders, supervisors, and managers when it comes to leading their teams, and employees.  So what is that 1 secret ingredient that puts your team ahead of the competition that allows for world-class performance?  Would you believe it has nothing to do with numbers, tools, software, or latest business fads.  It all boils down to the soft skills of the team.  Here are 5 winning ingredients to kick-start your teams in achieving winning results through superior performance:

1. Motivate your Team:  Find out what makes your employees tick.  It’ll be different for everyone.  If you can’t figure it out, ask them.  Then, once that’s done, use it to boost their motivation level in a way that will encourage them to use their strengths, and abilities for the immediate task at hand, and the ones coming down the road.

2. Goal Setting:  What are We trying to accomplish?  It’s not only important for you as their leader to know the company vision, or project vision.  But, it’s also important to communicate this from the beginning, and to constantly direct that towards the goal.  Make them feel like they are part of the business, the product, or the service, and not merely the hired help.

3. Give Public Praise:  It is in people’s nature to want to be appreciated, especially in public.  Even a simple “Thank You” goes a long way.  Tell everyone on the team your appreciation of a job well done.  Congratulate them, and let them know you truly appreciate them, and their efforts.

4. Provide Feedback:  Have you ever heard the phrase, “Praise in public, scold in private?”  Provide constructive criticism in public only if the entire team needs to hear it.  If only one individual is messing up at something, take it aside, and let them know privately on the situation you’ve noticed, why it’s not acceptable behavior, and provide them with an avenue for improvement.

5. Situational Leadership:  Have an open door policy in general; make yourself a resource, and available.  Be someone who folks want to go to for ideas, humor, motivation, etc.  Become a model of that performance from which you want your team to achieve.

Sounds simple right?  So is creating a fitness routine; easy on paper or the white board (as shown above), but much trickier in practice.  But the more you do it, the better you become for yourself, for your team, for your product, and / or for your business.

I’d love to hear what your winning team uses to achieve performance.  Thanks!

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