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Successful? … Yes! – But, There is no Finish Line

May 30, 2010


Weight, and Body Fat:  184 lbs!  Yeah, beat my goal by 1 lb.  Went from 211 to 184 (-27 lbs in 5 months, or 14.6% of my body weight, or about a pound per week).  Never could get my accurate body fat checked with the bad logistics, or substantial costs involved.  Due to donating some Whole Blood last Saturday, and a vision “episode” (during this last week probably due to the water intake drop-off), I also have some other stats to share.  No need to worry about my episode, I’m fine.  Did you know? – A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page.  The vision thing was a fluke that lasted about an hour.  That was the very day I went from 1 gallon of water to 1/4 gallon of water.  Seemed to go away when I had a pretzel, and a banana.  Maybe I was just craving sodium, and potassium?  🙂 

  • Blood Pressure: 110/70 (Just under normal)
  • Pulse Rate: 70 (Above Average – Yes, I looked it up – haha). 
  • Cholesterol:  160 (Very good)

Assessment from last week’s Workouts:  Not much to say here.  More supersetting, pre-exhaustion, and descending sets, than any heavy lifting.  Was going more for a pumping, and flexing routine, than a sheer lifting routine. 

Diet: After my Saturday morning pseudo show prep, I’m going back to a more-normal-for-me diet to get my strength back.  Mental note – I noticed that the very first carb meal (rice cakes and natural peanut butter) after my strict diet was best for my cuts and vascularity.  It’s really a fine line that we bodybuilders balance.  Strong and big, or Weak and ripped.  Luckily, I only do this cycle but once a year.  My wife (my 2nd biggest critic – haha) use to like the martial artist look: lean with no body hair.  But, for me, she says that I’m too tall, 6’1″, so the lean look doesn’t work for me.  And, the “full bald” look might be nice to look at, but not nice to get close to when the 5 o’clock shadow starts coming back.  Shaving is best, but a full-time job.  Nair is quick, but painful in some areas, and expensive after a while.  So, we’re probably going with the big, strong, bald on top, and the hairy-everywhere-else look for now.  🙂 

Pump Up for Pseudo Show (compliments of Body by Scott – 

Start this 45-50 minutes before you are to go on stage: 

  • Lateral raises-15 reps
  • Push ups-15
  • Bent over rear delts (reverse flies)-15
  • Squats-15
  • Standing rotary shoulders-15
  • Rows-15
  • Lunges (just up and down) these, and the squats are to help loosen your legs-15
  • Curls-15
  • Bench Dips-15
  • Standing Calves-15

**REPEAT this twice, then do your mandatories once, and if you have time repeat the above cycle once, then mandatories, and so on. 

Go through Relaxed cycle, then Mandatories: 

  1. Front Double Bicep
  2. Front Lat Spread – Turn to the Left
  3. Right Side Chest Pose
  4. Right Side Tricep Extension – Turn to the Left
  5. Back Double Bicep
  6. Back Lat Spread – Turn to the Left
  7. Left Side Chest Pose
  8. Left Side Tricep Extension  – Turn to the Left
  9. Abdominal Pose
  10. Most Muscular

Overall Personal Assessment:  Well, based on my personal pics (I’ll send you some, if you ask), here’s some thoughts that I can improve on.  It would have been nice to have been “full bald”, oiled, with some better lighting, but sometimes we have to be happy with the little things.  Slacker Awards go to 1) Upper chest; ever since my right rotator cuff injury it just hasn’t been the same, 2) Soft rib cage sides; think that can be reduced with more pullovers, and rotary ab work, 3) Little lats; just going to have to tough it out, and get more wide pullups/pulldowns into the routine, and 4) Scrawny calves; their cut, just not big, and seem to just disappear during the body fat reduction phase. Best Pose Awards goes to Relaxed Back view and/or Right Side Chest.  

I can’t say enough to all who have helped me through the last 5 months, but a special thanks, and shout outs go to Joe, Rich, Tony, JT, and Lynette (who just passed away this week from Colon Cancer).  Thank you all! 

Special shout out to my boy James (JT) , he’s preparing for his “first show”.  Follow his progress on his “Journey to my 1st NPC (Lightweight/Middleweight)BodyBuilding Competition” blog: 

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 1, 2010 7:17 pm

    AF, you’re the man brother! you did this for you! WITHOUT having an “actual” show to prep for. That’s incredible discipline. You probably got it from the Corps and the Drill Instructor at Home (aka your wife). For what it’s worth, I’m very proud of you, and will look forward to YOU making fun of me, as I did you, in the upcoming weeks.

    JT OUT

    • June 1, 2010 8:01 pm

      JT, everything we do needs to be for us first, and others secondary. If You don’t believe in you, Others won’t either. My DI at home is a formadable support system. She’s amazed that I’m so dedicated as well, but impressed that I met my 5 month goal. Time to get strong again. I’ll try not to make fun of you, but sometimes old habits are hard to break. 🙂
      ATF OUT

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