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Census 2010 – Notice of Visit Controversy

May 28, 2010

   Yes, I got a follow-up visit note, but I wasn’t home at the time.  Guess they didn’t like that I didn’t complete their form …. to their satisfaction.  I added the fact that 1 person lives at my temp housing up in Glendale.  What more should they need?

Here is my thought process as I return to review the form online:

  1. How many live here on April 1, 2010?  I take no exception to this question.  Other than the fact, if the Federal Government controlled the borders, the work visas, and student visas, they should already know how many people are in the country, where they are at, and how long do they plan on staying.  Recounting folks every 10 years doesn’t fix the process!  Hey, here’s an idea, why don’t we fix the process?  🙂
  2. Additional people living here?  Dumb question, yes.  Refer to question 1.
  3. Type of dwelling?  Should it matter if it’s a mansion, a card board box, or something in between?
  4. Phone number?  Why do you need that?  If I wanted to fill the form in more, I would have.
  5. Names?  Why do they need that? 
  6. Gender?  Why do they need that?  What about equality?
  7. Age?  Why do they need that?
  8. Hispanic origin?  Why do they need that?  If they really need this, then why not ask for Asian origin?  European?  African?
  9. Race?  Are you kidding me?  Negro?  Granted, I heard the rumor that some crossed out something else, and actually put that identifier in, but again, are you kidding me?
  10. Live somewhere else?  Dumb question, yes.  Refer to question 1.

If the Census is collecting data to support how many Hospitals, Schools, Infrastructure, and/or Emergency Services there should be, shouldn’t that be based on need?  If you have a 4 hour wait in the hospital emergency room, then you need more, or better doctors/hospitals.  If your 5th grader has 40 kids in his class, then you need more, or better teachers/schools.  If the freeway/bridge you drive on is falling apart, and always in a rush-hour mode, then you need more, or better freeway systems.  If your fire/police can’t provide adequate services to protect and serve, then you need more, or better services.  Why do you need a Census to tell you what you already know?   [tweetmeme source=”@Aidan_Foley” only_single=false]

I just hate the fact that “We can’t move forward until you mail it in.”  Are you kidding me?  If the Federal Government knows an issue exists, act.  Aren’t you the decision makers for the country? 

Others say they just threw them in the trash, because they don’t want Big Brother spying on them.  I don’t know if it’s so much to do with spying, as it might be inactivity once the Federal Government has the information.  Aren’t all men (and women) created equal?  Why should it matter what their name is, their gender, their age, or their race?  Anyone who does throw their form out, is breaking a federal law, but most people don’t know that, and some simply don’t care.  Last I heard in the Phoenix area, about 30% haven’t filled out their forms.  Now Census workers must canvas door to door to somehow collect data that folks simply didn’t want to do the first time.  Good luck with that …  🙂

And, why is the back side of the form in Spanish anyway?  What if I was German; do they provide the Census form in German on the backside?  Russian?  French?  Italian?  Japanese?  Chinese?  No, because these people have become Americans.

How complete did you fill out your Census form?

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