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What I love about LinkedIn’s “Company Follow”

May 25, 2010

  I’m not currently in “active” mode for job searching, but I would like to share a somewhat new feature on LinkedIn.  The Follow Company option, just in case you hadn’t heard of it, is a feature that enables you to toggle your favorite target companies to get an idea of any trends that may be going on with them, such as:

  • Who is getting Hired
  • Who is getting Promoted
  • Who recently Departed
  • What are their new Job Opportunities

Some of my personal Target Companies are the ones I’ve worked for before, so it’s nice to see any trends with what’s going on with them.  They might be hiring more people than are leaving.  The reverse may also be true as well. 

I might also be targeting companies I haven’t worked for before (yet), just like you, but feel that it may be a great opportunity given the right set of circumstances.  Maybe you like their product line?  Maybe you like the good Industry name they’ve managed to develop?

Just like using the Phoenix Business Journal section with people “On the Move”, it’s also a great “in” when you are able to congratulate someone on their recent promotion.  Maybe you know them; maybe you don’t.  But, it’s still a great conversation starter.

Your new targeted company may have 7 new hires, you can check on the types of positions being actively recruited.  If it matches your background, and interests, it might be worth pursuing, don’t you think?

Steps:  All you need to do is find one of your target companies from the Upper Right Hand Corner of your LinkedIn Home page.  From there, just toggle the Follow Company button, also in the Upper Right Hand Corner.  Yes, it’s that simple!  And, you can also toggle your Settings to get weekly updates of each and everyone of the companies you’re following.

What Companies are you Following?

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