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List of AZ Wilderness Areas

May 23, 2010

   Such a nice day today, don’t you think?  Cooler than normal today.  Having my first cup of joe for the day, wondering what it’s like up on the Rim right now?

For those of you who 4 Wheel Drive, Backpack, Hunt, Fish and/or especially Hike, here’s a list of Arizona Wilderness areas:

(The ones in bold, are some of the many places I’ve been.  Looks like I need to get out more, huh?)

Compliments of:

  • Apache Creek Wilderness
  • Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness
  • Arrastra Mountain Wilderness
  • Aubrey Peak Wilderness
  • Baboquivari Peak Wilderness
  • Baker Canyon Wilderness, the “Baker Canyon Wilderness Study Area”
  • Bear Wallow Wilderness
  • Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness
  • Big Horn Mountains Wilderness
  • Cabeza Prieta Wilderness, See also: Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge
  • Cactus Plain Wilderness Study Area
    • See: East Cactus Plain Wilderness
  • Castle Creek Wilderness
  • Cedar Bench Wilderness
  • Chiricahua Wilderness
  • Cottonwood Point Wilderness
  • Coyote Mountains Wilderness
  • Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness
  • Eagletail Mountains Wilderness
  • East Cactus Plain Wilderness(LCRV)
    • See: Cactus Plain Wilderness
  • Escudilla Wilderness
  • Fishhooks Wilderness
  • Fossil Springs Wilderness
  • Four Peaks Wilderness
  • Galiuro Wilderness
  • Gibraltar Mountain Wilderness
  • Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness
  • Granite Mountain Wilderness
  • Harcuvar Mountains Wilderness
  • Harquahala Mountains Wilderness, See: Harquahala Mountains Wilderness Area, (Harquahala Mountains)
  • Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness
  • Havasu Wilderness
  • Hells Canyon Wilderness (Arizona)
  • Hellsgate Wilderness
  • Hummingbird Springs Wilderness
  • Juniper Mesa Wilderness
  • Kachina Peaks Wilderness
  • Kanab Creek Wilderness
  • Kendrick Mountain Wilderness
  • Mazatzal Wilderness
  • Miller Peak Wilderness
  • Mount Baldy Wilderness
  • Mount Graham Wilderness, “Mount Graham Wilderness Study Area”
  • Mount Logan Wilderness
  • Mount Nutt Wilderness(LCRV)
  • Mount Tipton Wilderness(LCRV)
  • Mount Trumbull Wilderness
  • Mount Wilson Wilderness(LCRV)
  • Mount Wrightson Wilderness
  • Muggins Mountains Wilderness
  • Munds Mountain Wilderness(LCRV)
  • Needle’s Eye Wilderness
  • New Water Mountains Wilderness(LCRV)
  • North Maricopa Mountains Wilderness
    • See: South Maricopa Mountains Wilderness
  • North Santa Teresa Wilderness
    • See: Santa Teresa Wilderness
  • Paiute Wilderness
  • Pajarito Wilderness
  • Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness
  • Peloncillo Mountains Wilderness
  • Pine Mountain Wilderness
  • Pusch Ridge Wilderness Area
  • Rawhide Mountains Wilderness
  • Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness
  • Redfield Canyon Wilderness
  • Rincon Mountain Wilderness, See: Rincon Mountain Wilderness
  • Salmone Wilderness
  • Salt River Canyon Wilderness
  • Santa Teresa Wilderness
    • See: North Santa Teresa Wilderness
  • Sierra Ancha Wilderness
  • Sierra Estrella Wilderness
  • Signal Mountain Wilderness
  • South Maricopa Mountains Wilderness
    • See: North Maricopa Mountains Wilderness
  • Strawberry Crater Wilderness
  • Superstition Wilderness, See: Superstition Wilderness
  • Swansea Wilderness
  • Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, See: Sycamore Canyon
  • Table Top Wilderness
  • Tres Alamos Wilderness
  • Trigo Mountains Wilderness(LCRV)
  • Upper Burro Creek Wilderness
  • Wabayuma Peak Wilderness(LCRV)
  • Warm Springs Wilderness(LCRV)
  • West Clear Creek Wilderness
  • Wet Beaver Wilderness
  • White Canyon Wilderness
  • Woodchute Wilderness
  • Woolsey Peak Wilderness
  • Where do you wish you were at right now?

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