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Drug Bust Gone Awry

May 17, 2010

   Did Police raid a family home looking for drugs in Columbia, MO, and violate their civil liberties?  Results – No drugs were found besides marijuana residue in a pipe.  Short answer, yes.

When a SWAT team (or any Police action) takes place at night when most people are in bed, or in their pajamas, there is not enough time given between the knock on the door, and the knocking down of the door for the occupants to even open the door politely, let alone enough time to secure the children, or family pets.  Granted, the Police have been victimized by drug-related events, so extreme caution must be exercised.  But, with that being said, where does the line exist between deadly force / excessive force, and the potential crime being committed / reported?

In my opinion, and based purely on the video, and the discussion, this approach was totally unwarranted!
All this for a lousy minor marijuana bust!?!  I hate to think that our tax dollars are hard at work.  😦

Keep in mind that this raid was from an anonymous tip from an informant, with no comprehensive follow-up investigation, or substantiation, just a raid performed 8 days after the search warrant was issued. 

Here’s the video:
Questions that still remain: 
  • What did the dogs do to warrant being shot, and one killed?  Attacking?  Barking?  Just there?
  • Were there any arms found at the house, during the raid, to substantiate such military type tactics?
  • Why were SWAT tactics implemented for a non-violent crime?
  • Why was the warrant delayed by 8 days?
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