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2 Weeks Out

May 16, 2010


Weight, and Body Fat:  Holding steady at 189.  Was shooting for 188, but didn’t get but 2 evening walking cardio of 20 minutes in.  (Yes, I’m sure that’s it – haha)  This week need to bump up the number, and the time to 40 minutes.  A friend of mine at my Glendale gym,  told me of a mobile body fat option, FirstWave, but couldn’t find it.  Need to get more details from him in the next 2 weeks.

Assessment from last week’s workout:  Shoulders, and Back had no real aches, but just a good worked feeling.  Chest was sore from the re-introduction of flies.  Bi’s, and Tri’s sting a little when flexing.  Legs feel good, but quads should be screaming by tomorrow … nope, the hammy’s, and adductors are screaming, go figure.  Must have been those deep leg presses?  All in all though, it’s funny that my max sets right now were my warm-up sets back in December.  I guess it’s all relative.  I need to remember that, “It’s not the weight you move, but what you do with the weight that you do move.”

Diet:  Getting ready for the 2 week out plan from Body by Scott,

  • Go low on carbs Mon and Tues, so 2 servings of veggies (2-3 cups each time) and that’s it for carbs.  Protein can be anything lean, and fats whatever you have been doing. 
  • On Wed, Add .5 cup of oatmeal, and 3-4 oz Yam.  Keep everything else the same.
  • On Thurs and Fri go low again.
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