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Questions for a “I’ve Landed” Discussion Panel

May 12, 2010

   You’ve been lucky enough to land a recent position.  Congrats to you, and your efforts!  Now, you’ve been asked to participate, and share what you’ve done, what you’ve experienced, or what made your efforts successful.  It’s truly amazing to share what worked for you … and what didn’t.  Granted, it’ll be different for everyone.  There is no “one way” to achieve success, no “silver bullet”, and no “easy path”.  But, with a good mixture of great topics from the moderator to the Discussion Panel, a clear message can be sent to the audience that should aid with their job search efforts.  Here is a sampling of questions that may be asked:


  • What helped you manage the emotions of being in job transition so that you could project the proper attitude, and confidence?


  • As we all know, we all have a professional brand based on what we have to offer the marketplace.  How did you go about assessing your brand as part of your marketing strategy? 
  • As you designed your marketing strategy, how did you go about defining your target markets and companies? 
  • How did you differentiate yourself in the market?
  • Can you share your elevator speech (value proposition) that you used? 
  • What tips can you provide in the design of a resume as part of a job search marketing strategy? 
  • What worked for you in your cover letters that helped you get noticed? 
  • What did you do to market yourself? 
  • What about business cards, and tips for how to design them, and how to use them? 

Social Media:

  • What social media did you use as part of your job search? 
  • What best practices can you share with the group in setting up profiles in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.? 
  • Did you use Twitter?  If so, how?

Generating Leads, and Networking:

  • How did you strategically plan your strategy to generate leads? 
  • Which networking groups were valuable to you? 
  • Which fast networking events did you attend and how did you maximize the event? 
  • What really worked well for you in preparing for networking?
  • What did you use to track your networking pipeline (excel spreadsheet, jibberjobber, contact management systems, etc)?
  • Think about job search leads that were most meaningful during your search, and share the resources that were most helpful (professional groups, job fairs, networking events, etc). 
  • What are you doing to continue your networking now? 

Interviewing, and Offers:

  • What best practices helped you to prepare for interviews (question preparation, research, etc.)? 
  • What types of things did you take along to demonstrate accomplishments, and your value to a prospective employer (work samples, reports, portfolios, etc.)? 
  • Regarding STARs (Situation/Task, Action, Results), share with the group how you used these in your interviews. 
  • What types of interviews did you experience (panel, 1-1, etc)?
  • What type of interviews did you experience (behavioral, informational, technical, etc.)? 
  • What best practices can you share with the group? 
  • What were some examples of the toughest questions? 
  • How did you handle the “Tell me about yourself” question? 
  • What did you do to assess yourself after the interview? 
  • What follow-up did you use after the interview(s)? 
  • What best practices can you share regarding handling the offer process? 
  • What tools did you use ( on internet, discussions with others at company or in industry, etc.)? 
  • How many interviews did you typically do for each job opportunity?

Miscellaneous/Wrap up:

  • Think about what you learned, and wish you had known when you began your job search.  What one thing would you share with the group?
  • What did you do to help others in transition? 
  • What works, and what doesn’t, based on your experience? 
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