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3 Weeks Out

May 8, 2010


Weight and Body Fat:  Weight at 189 (didn’t get the weight I wanted, so I cheated with a 1 hour on the Stair Stepper).  Net loss at 22 lbs in 4.25 months.  (Goal at 26 lbs in 5 months at 8% body fat)  Body fat tested today at 18%?!?….WTF?  Mountainside only has a BMI hand calculator, so I don’t put much respect on its Body Fat numbers.  Last year, I was at 10% at 187, now I’m 18% at 189…I don’t think so!!

Assessment from last week’s “300” routine:  Still slightly sore on Wed from Monday’s “300 workout”.  LowerBi’s, Lats, and Hamstrings.  Common theme?  Perhaps.  All pull exercises.  Hmm?  Mon was 2 stars on the puke factor; had to take a 10 minute rest on the couch when I got home.  On Wed, just light headed, but got-r-done in 5 minutes less (35 minutes); got shaky, and took another 10 minute rest.  Not sore on Fri morning from earlier workout.  This time just a little sore on Thurs in just the Shoulder region.  Really love those one-handed Clean and Presses.  It’s really an all-body exercise!  5 minutes quicker than Wed as well for Fri; down to 30 minutes.  On Sat, the only thing tender are my hamstrings, and lower back.

Diet:  Diet going well.  Sticking with what works.  Feeling lean.  If you can Hunt it, or Harvest it, I’m eating it every 3 hours (except for starchy carbs like rice, potatoes, or yams).  Nothing processed (including supplements, and vitamins).  Found that if I don’t notice a huge difference in performance supplements, all I’m doing is spending money.  No thanks!  Getting a gallon of water a day.  Switched over to my half-gallon water jug to get use to getting more water in me in the near future.

Workout:  Back to Power Lifting routine this week on Mon, Wed, and Fri with Squats, Bench, and Dead Lifts, along with assistance exercises.  Was trying to see how strong I am while cutting Body Fat, however, I had an epiphany this morning!  I decided to go back to my regular routine, and prevent disappointment by not having any personal records during my cutting phase:

  • Shoulders on Sun
  • Cardio/Abs on Mon
  • Back on Tues
  • Chest on Wed
  • Cardio/Abs on Thurs
  • Arms on Fri
  • Legs on Sat

I’m a HUGE fan of Instinctive Training; may as well listen to myself, right?  Thanks to all of you who have supported me during my effort!

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