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My Resume needs a “Do Over”!

May 7, 2010

  How does a well-educated man, working at a highly respected Engineering firm, suddenly find himself out of work, and thinks, Why is my resume not working for me?  It must need something …. anything …. it must need a “do over”, right?

That very conversation occurred just yesterday with former colleague of mine.  He was networking with a firm that wanted to “revamp” his resume.  They wanted $3K to work on his resume, improve his interviewing skills, and do a bunch of networking for him to find a job.  I offered him of a few tips, resources, and individuals that will help him for free, or at least get him headed in the right direction.

I gave him my top 6 steps for his Summary/Professional Profile:

  1. Search for your ideal job
  2. Assess what you can bring to the table that also matches their requirements
  3. Quantify your value in matching those requirements
  4. Match identically your title with their positional title
  5. Tailor your Summary to coincide as closely as possible with the posting’s requirements
  6. Proofread the message

All it takes is a little determination, creativity, and follow through to create a winning resume.

I wonder if he ever incorporated my suggestions?  🙂

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