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Twittering to land your next gig!

May 6, 2010

   Did you know you can use Twitter to find your next job?  I did just that!  If you’re already Twittering, would you like to know how to use it better to land your next gig?

People say, Why do I care that some guy ate Cheerios, and is about to take a shower?  You’re right, I don’t either.  But, by Following your target companies, competitors, jobs, etc on Twitter, you can get quick real-time access to thehidden job market.   Companies can do a quick post, Tweets, get all the applicants they need, and can then, shut it down.  Thus, eliminating the need to spend money on the typical CareerBuilder and Monster sites, and from going over shear hundreds of resumes.

Another way to use Twitter is to follow/target key people, Tweeple, who can provide you with something of value, sometimes using Hastags #, that may give you that “one thing”, that “silver bullet”, or that “big tip” that sets you apart from other candidates.  Or, perhaps you, a Tweeter, can add value to their lives as well?  Sometimes, you need to “give” to “get”.  Think about that phrase for a while, and really understand what it could mean to you.

I personally use to set/adjust my profile, and to organize my Following, my Mentions, and my Direct Messages (DMs).  Twitter is fast becoming the “go-to” site for micro blogs (140 characters or less) of information.  In doing so, tiny URLs are used on Tweetdeck to keep a typical web site reference length to a minimum.

It has been said that there are 7 steps of growth to the average person, Twerson:

  1. Clueless – What’s this all about?
  2. Follower – Maybe I could just see what’s going on?
  3. Strategist – What should I be doing?
  4. Participant – Ok, I’m here, now what?
  5. Monitor – I’ll try this thing, chat, and Reply (@), with a few of my friends.
  6. Player – Great, I’m now engaging my friends, and making new ones.
  7. Twerson – Now I’m ReTweeting (RT), sending Direct Messages (DM), and providing value to Twitterville.

When you get ready to create your profile, remember to put your Job Pitch in the Bio section.  If Tweeples don’t know what you stand for, or represent, you may get overlooked.  This is also a good time to include a picture.  People connect to people, not to profiles.  Utilize a great background to promote yourself, your service, or your product.  Be sure to include a Link to your Web site, or your Resume as well.

Now, that you’re on Twitter, what should I Tweet about?  Some general rules of thumb to live by are:

  • Find some cool links to click on.  Maybe something you found interesting that someone else may find interesting.
  • Start a conversation worth something to start a conversation over.
  • Get something worth Retweeting to their own Followers.
  • Share your accomplishments, and your keys to success.
  • If you’re looking for your next opportunity, Tweet about your skill sets, and what you could bring to the table.
  • Say what is on your mind, but be professional about it.
  • Ask questions; say something that will trigger a response.
  • Being helpful will help establish yourself, and your branding, as an expert willing to help others.
  • Ask your Followers how are they doing?  Or, what did they do today to make the world a better place?
  • Always be thankful, and give others credit.
  • Quotes, funny, and thoughtful sayings are always good as well.

Happy Tweeting, and you can Follow me: @Aidan_Foley

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